Welcome to Villa Collection Denmark

With love and fascination for the Nordic style, Villa Collection Denmark presents a creative, feminine and beautiful Nordic interior universe, consisting of own designs and hand-picked items, all based on the trend universes Confluence and Nordic Victorian, beautifully rooted in the Nordic traditions.


Danish "hygge"

At Villa Collection Denmark, we are thus dedicated to selecting, interpreting and presenting the ultimate range of contemporary home décor. Rooted in the world-famous Danish “hygge”, we see ourselves as curators of a Scandinavian touch and feel with an international vibe.


Passion from the heart

We believe, that to follow trends and upgrade every room in the house should be easy and accessible without compromising on the details and materials of premium products. That’s why we are fans of all things crafted since things made by hand are the labor of love and true statements of style coming from the heart.


Extended range

The selection covers interior, lights, table setting, bathroom accessories and seasonal items in a design style ranging from Industrial Chic to Nordic Heritage. The Villa Collection Denmark logo is the face of the brand and expresses who we are with a strong, graphic identity that has sharpened the edges of the villa symbol while still embracing the soft coziness that will forever be in our DNA.