Trends AW18

- inspired by Nature Living and Brights & Mellow, and designed to make your home even more beautiful and personal.

Nature Living



As modern people in a world of high-technology, we find ourselves drawn towards a new naturalness. Towards Simple Living, tranquillity and familiar surroundings as contrast to an urban way of life in constant transformation.

We find beauty in imperfection, in the unmanufactured and the upcycled – and we treasure the simple things, that take us back to basics.

Nature Living is a design theme dedicated to the balance between past and present, old and new.

The materials are archetypical and rooted in nature’s treasury as well as classic Nordic craftmanship – wood, stone, concrete, wool, clay, terrazzo and feathers – while the colour range pays tribute to polarity with shades of urban grey and dusty industrial tones.

Brights & Mellow


Autumn and winter are known as the dark seasons of the year, but this season new colourful winds are blowing. Bright colours exude optimism and joy of life and today more than ever we need to see the world in a new light embracing diversity and insecurity.


Brights & Mellow are all about change. Maximalism challenges minimalism and strong colours blend with soft muted tones that run like a common thread through every room in the home on textile, interior  and furniture.

The design theme draws it inspiration from all things ethnic with a hint of folklore in authentic materials such as cotton, wool, linen and ceramics counterbalanced by modern metal in a multicoloured mix of trendy shades of mustard, petrol and red.